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Radio and internet radio interviews. Note some titles mentioned in earlier interviews have evolved, including my own title (change is constant!), and my book which had a former title of Rules of Romance, and is now 50 Ways To Love Your Lover. Enjoy.

FEATURED INTERVIEWS (and most recent recordings!):

Dr. Leslie Show


DR. Leslie Show – August 26, 2016 – Interview Part 2 


Dr. Leslie Show - Part 1


DR. Leslie Show – August 16, 2016, Interview Part 1 


Discover Your Talent


Discover Your Talent, Ep. 300 – Looking For Love (in all the wrong places) 


Mission Date Night


Mission Date Night – Feel Like Your Man Disappears? 


How To Better Communicate With Your Lover with Danyelle Demchock, Extreme Health Circle


Adventurize your Love Life with Tracy Pattin & Lisa Greenfield

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