From Heart-Break to Break-Through
Saturday November 1, 2014 • 1-5pm • Los Angeles

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Heartbreak hurts, a lot.

  • Lady, are you heart-broken over a recent break-up?
  • Or feeling the ache from the longtime departure of a past lover?
  • Are you hurting from the disappearance of the man you thought was the ONE for you?
  • Are you scared you might make the same mistake again?

broken_heart-chinaHeartbreak is painful.
I know, I've experienced my fair share too.
What I know is it is not just the pain of loss that hurts. It is also the pain of feeling wronged, feeling a bad mistake was made. The deeper hurt is actually fear. It is the fear that you might make the same mistake again. Almost like holding your breath, afraid to breathe out or breathe in again. 

This fear is holding you back, keeping your heart and feelings contained. This impacts your life in so many areas. And it doesn't help you attract the love you deep down yearn for. You feel stuck in the middle – you want to be in love, in the arms of your lover, to be connected at a soul level with your divine partner. And at the same time, you are scared of being hurt again, and afraid of making the same mistake of choosing wrong, again (and again).

I feel for you. I know how it feels too. I also know what it takes to ask for help, and to take the steps to move beyond this paralysis. It takes courage. It takes willingness, and it takes heart.

How do you move beyond this place? Register for my new workshop and … Learn powerful Keys to Move from Heartbreak to Breakthrough.

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Join me for an intimate and educational afternoon, and learn three powerful keys to change your destiny and your history.

Reserve your seat today for this very special event, and prepare to change your love-life. Early-bird discounts are for the committed person, like you!

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